Parent Council

We are delighted that we have a parent council at Nonsuch Primary School. If you have any comments or questions about aspects of the school, feel free to raise them with your parent council rep, who will be able to bring them to the meeting each term.  Action points and responses to points raised are shared in the next meeting, either later that term or the next term.

Our parent council representatives are:

Y6Bridget Adams (Sam)

Y5Lauren Arnold (Olivia)

Y4Sally-Anne Rudd (Beau)

Y3 - Bobbi Azam (Saifan)

Y2Samantha Trevenna (Amber)

Y1Paola Ryu (Tommaso)

YR -Sarah Burgess (Francis)

Nursery - Tammy Jones (Eden)

School Governor - Rachel Evens 

Parent GovernorAlice Smith 

Chair - Nikki Willmott

Headteacher - Heather Young

 MinutesParent Councillors on a rota.  If you would like to volunteer to take minutes, please speak to Nikki Willmott


Minutes from our meetings:


Summer Term 1 13/5/2020

Spring Term 2: 7.2.2020

Autumn Term 2: 13.12.19

 Autumn Term 1; 1.11..19


Year Round Up

Agenda Summary


Summer Term July 2019

Summer term 17.05.19 tbc

Spring term 29.3.19

Spring term 1.2.19

 Autumn term 5.11.18



End of year report

Summer term 29.6.18

Summer Term 27.4.18

Spring Term 2.2.18

Autumn Term - 1.12.17

Autumn Term  - 6.10.17


Summer Term - 14.07.17

Summer Term  - 19.5.17

Spring Term - 24.2.17

Autumn Term  - 2.12.16

Autumn Term  - 14.10.16


The terms of reference for this group, and a bit more information about what parent council is all about, can be viewed on the slides below.