Autumn 2013: School Vision

•The vision…

 On 2nd September parents joined staff and governors to describe our vision, our picture of Nonsuch as we move forward. We described what it would look, feel and sound like. We then set about the actions that staff, governors, children, parents and everyone as an individual needed to do to bring our vision together.

•The children’s role…

 We gave the children the challenge to come up with a vision statement that would describe Nonsuch. After presenting it to all the children in an assembly they then presented it to parents during the consultation morning on 3rd October. Their presentation is also available to view here.

•Your contribution…

 We asked the parents present to spread the message in this consultation and to consider what they could do to support the school moving forward. The suggestions are below:


•Email class reps these slides to distribute to all
•Class reps to meet monthly with their class’ parents to share information
•Termly rep letter e.g. outlining what resources each class will need that term-in book bag
•Organise a class fund-a shopping list relevant to each class
•Let everyone know who every rep is
•Put vision statement everywhere! On newsletter, notice boards, bookmarks, sign on the gate and mural
•Parentmail it out!
•Record the children speaking and upload clip to website
•Ask the children to describe ‘their dreams’
•Name groups individuals who have shown the vision to work-with pictures-stickers
•Give out timetables so parents can see what goes on in a day
•Create a pupil notice board in the playground
•Keep communication up to date-parentmail, website, teachers in the playground, update Twitter, put parents on Facebook
•Give leaflets out to local pre-school groups
•Instigate governor/parents evening-get to know each other