Mrs Miyan; Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 

Mrs Vinson; Wednesday, Thursdays 


Thank you so much for our lovely Christmas cards and presents!  We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and wish you all a happy New Year. Mrs Vinson, Mrs Miyan and Mrs Walters 


English: Nelson Mandela 

writing based on Walk to Freedom 

Science: Evolution 

R.E: Christianity 

PHSE: All About Me

Geography /History: Arctic/ Extreme Weathers  

P.E: Dance & Hockey 

Math: Percentages 



Home Learning 

Science: Please bring in a family photo to use in our Science lessons. We will be looking at the similarities between parents and offspring for our evolution and inheritance topic. You could bring in separate photos of parents and children or a group photo. Image result for family photo


Mathletics will be set every Friday

(I have assigned a variety of  tasks, each child can choose where they feel they need practice or they have enough to keep them busy during the week, If you find that all tasks are completed, you can always choose  any tasks you feel that you need to revise  and complete them)   

Please encourage your child to continue with Times Table Rock Stars 

Spellings will be also set every Friday, tested in school the following Friday 

Fluency Books - Please ensure your child works daily on their fluency question. Questions for the week will be marked on the following Friday.

SAT's Style Questions -will be set every Friday, there may be one or two questions. This is to complement their learning in school and give exposure to the SAT's layout and expectations.

Reading   - Please encourage your child to read every evening and sign in the contact book, we will then hand out stickers for three reading days a week and the children will collect these for a certificate in the celebrations assembly.


                                                                                               Some spelling will be repeated from the previous week if needed. 


Week Ending 6 December 2019 

Deceive, sighed, numb, courage,tongue, thoughtful, creature, navigation , pyramid, disagreement.

Week Ending 10 January 2020

 Harass, disastrous, accompany, achieve, attached, sacrifice, existence, 

amateur, environment. 

Week Ending 17 January 2020

prejudice, privilege, profession, programme, pronunciation, queue, 

recognise, recommend, relevant, restaurant.

If you would like some information on SATs 2020 please take a look at the following link.




Enter text...

Enter text...Diving Deeper, What does it mean ?

Math is all about numbers, problems and equations, we can all be really good at the quick calculations, but do we actually understand how we get to the answer? Diving Deeper is about making our calculations go further- deepening our understanding of what numbers mean and how we use them to get to an answer. 

Take a look at this poster and encourage your child to Dive Deeper for a question from Homework or Fluency Books.


Reading Challenge : Please encourage your child to read a book of their choice. Encourage a variety of vocabulary and texts, such as poetry, biographies, newspapers traditional tales.

We look forward to reading your book reviews and recommendations.