Year 6 - Hummingbirds

Summer 2 Learning Overview

For children who are not in school, please use the below websites to follow the in-school learning.  Some learning tasks will be available on our Google Classroom page.



Phonics / spelling:








Helpful Websites for Online Learning


Every child in YR-Y6 has  Mathletics and TT Rockstars accounts.  Both activities have a variety of games and age-related learning.  Weekly homework is set on Mathletics.


BBC Bitesize Primary

The BBC’s online learning platform with daily video lessons and worksheets.


Oak National Academy

The Department for Education’s online learning platform with daily video lessons. Worksheets may be available.


White Rose Maths Home Learning

White Rose Maths’s home learning section includes daily video lessons.  We are using these resources for our online learning with Y2-Y5.


Twinkl parents

Twinkl has a resources section to support parents who are homeschooling. This includes a number of free resource packs and games.


National Geographic Young Explorer, Storyline OnlineOxford Owl

Free e-books



Love Reading

Booklists organised by age, topic or interest.

Contact Us

Questions about online learning or to contact the class teacher please email  or use Google Classroom.

All other school matters: 

These email addresses are checked daily; responses may be the following day.


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Enter text...Diving Deeper, What does it mean ?

Math is all about numbers, problems and equations, we can all be really good at the quick calculations, but do we actually understand how we get to the answer? Diving Deeper is about making our calculations go further- deepening our understanding of what numbers mean and how we use them to get to an answer. 

Take a look at this poster and encourage your child to Dive Deeper for a question from Homework or Fluency Books.


Reading Challenge : Please encourage your child to read a book of their choice. Encourage a variety of vocabulary and texts, such as poetry, biographies, newspapers traditional tales.

We look forward to reading your book reviews and recommendations.