Year 1- Peacocks


This week in english the children finished writing their own version of Lost and Found.  We are very impressed with the amount of effort the children put in and greatly enjoyed reading them! 


In Science we continued with our rain gauge experiment and measured the amount of rain collected in cm. Next week we will be writing about what we learned from our experiment. 


The children were very excited about being able to wear their own clothes to school this week for winning the attendance award. Thank you for your continued support as attendance is very important for your child’s education. 


On Monday it is our Christmas party and your children can wear their own clothes all day. 



Reading four times a week

From the Spring term we kindly ask that when you read with your child please consistently record this in the contact book. This includes reading at weekends or on a Friday evening. As the weeks run from Sunday - Saturday if you read on a Saturday please record this on the Friday and if you read on a Sunday please make a note on the Monday of the next week. This will ensure that the number of times read is being counted accurately in the correct week. If your child has read 4 times that week they will receive a sticker in their contact book. Reading 4 times a week in Year One includes the school reading book and the reading challenge book. 

During the Autumn term we are aware there were issues with allocating stickers for those that were reading four times a week and we apologise for any confusion caused. 

Thank you for your continued support as we can see how much reading is completed at home as this makes a massive difference to the children’s learning. 




Nonsuch Reading Challenge 

We have a new system in place to ensure your child receives their star for completing a book review more efficiently. If you would like to participate in the challenge please write a note in the contact book. 

Once your child has completed the book review please ensure the title of the book is written on the green card and ensure their name is clearly on the book review. This greatly supports us to ensure we are able to recognise the hard work that goes into reviews. 

Thank you to those who have sent in this half terms home learning challenge as it has been lovely to see the work that has gone into completing them as well as learning some interesting facts ! 


Word collector:


Blue team:


Window sill, superb,



Amazing  gigantic, absurd and ideal 


Next week our writing will be based around Christmas.  


 Handwriting   More info coming soon.

 Word Collector 

We have been reading the story of The Word Collector in class (see image below). 

The story is all about a little boy who collects words and as a result he always has a bank of amazing words to use! 

We would like to invite the Peacock Class to become word collectors!


From next Monday, there will be a different colour team every week to be word collectors. 

When it is your child’s team week we would like them to find a word either in a book or on a sign that is new to your child and you can help them to find out its meaning. 

You will be sent home a slip and golden envelope where you can write the word.


Once it is on the slip please place it in the gold envelope and we will share the word together and discuss the meaning. The words will be displayed around the classroom. 

This is a great way to encourage the children to use different words in order to expand their vocabulary.

Please note this is optional but we would love for the children to all take part.  


Week commencing 11th November - Red team

Week commencing 18th November - Blue team 

Week commencing 25th November - Yellow team 

2nd December - Green team 


The topic for this half term is Polar Explorers 


Learning this half term:



In Maths we will completing the topic Addition and Subtraction (within 10) 

The objectives are as follows :


    Represent and use number bonds and related subtraction facts within 10

    Read, write and interpret mathematical statements involving addition (+), subtraction (-) and equals (=) signs  

    Add and subtract one digit numbers to 10, including zero

    Solve one step problems that involve addition and subtraction, using concrete objects and pictorial representations and missing number problems. 



In the first part of this half term our learning in English will be based around the story Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. 

We will be continuing to use our writing checklist to practice writing super sentences with capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 

For the rest of the term our writing will be based around Christmas. 



In science this half term we will be learning about seasonal change. This topic is covered throughout the year and the children compare the weather throughout the year. They also learn how the seasonal change impacts the environment for example how trees look during the different seasons. Please support this at home by discussing the changes in Autumn. For example how the day length has now changed, the colour of the leaves and changes such as conkers being on the ground.  



In History we will be learning about the explorer Robert Falcon Scott and finding out why he is significant. 

In Geography we will be using world maps and atlases to identify the United Kingdom and its countries, as well as continents and oceans. 


Home learning challenge this half term:

Please create an A4 information poster about either the South or North Pole and include at least three facts and a picture about an animals that lives there. 

Please send the challenge in by Monday 16th December. 

Phonics screening June 2020 

During parents evening some people were asking about the phonics screening which will take place the week of the 8th June. 

There will be more information in the Spring term but as discussed here is a link to a video with more information: 



Nonsuch Reading Challenge 

If your child wishes to choose a book then please write a note in the contact book and we will ensure they take one home. Blank book reviews will be sent home this week but if you have any questions please let us know. 



Thank you for supporting your child in completing the weekly mathletics challenges as it greatly supports the learning in class.  

The problem with mathletics has been resolved and the challenges will be set every Thursday. 




Phonics play is a great website where there are lots of free games to play to support phonics knowledge. There is a game called Buried treasure where you can practice individual sounds. 


Please see steps below: 

Go onto free phonics play 

Click on free phonics play (On the right hand side) 

Click on parents 

Click on Buried treasure 

You may have to allow the flash 

Select phase three then you can choose the sound you want to practice for example ‘ai’. You could also select another phase once your child is secure in all of the phase three sounds. 

All of the words will then contain this sound but will be a combination of real words and alien words. The real words are put into the treasure chest, then the alien words into the bin.



When you are practicing the weekly spellings if your child is able to spell all the words and you would like an extra challenge please see the image below which contains year one spellings to learn if you wish to. 


Reading Scheme


The school reading system was revised over the summer and the books are now grouped in phonic phases. This new system means that throughout Year One you will find your child will not change reading level as frequently as previous Year One pupils. When the children complete Phase 6 reading books they become free readers. You may find within your child’s current books some may not appear to be challenging, however the book may contain the tricky words linked with this phase which is why it will be in this group. If you have any questions please let me know at the meet the teacher meeting next Tuesday. 

Thank you for your continued support.

 Home Learning 

Fluency books:

The fluency books have a question for every day of the week and are linked to the topic we are learning in class. The expectation is that a question is completed every day after school to develop fluency. Please do not complete lots of questions all at once as the idea is by completing it daily it supports the small steps that that they complete in class.  



There will be six spellings sent home weekly every Monday for you to practice at home with your child. The words will focus on a particular sound and either high frequency words or Year 1 words. The first six spellings will be sent home on Monday 9th September. 



 Please ensure you record when you have read with your child. The expectation is that the children are read with four times a week. 


Mathletics is an online system where your child will be set weekly Maths challenges to complete at home. You earn points for every activity and will receive a Bronze, Silver or Gold certificate for achieving the required number of points. Mathletics will be set every Monday from the 16th September. During the 'meet the teacher' meeting Mathletics will be demonstrated. 


PE days are Monday and Tuesday this term. Please ensure your child has their PE kit on these days and that it is weather appropriate as we have both indoor and outdoor PE.


If you have any questions please let me know 


Miss Lewis