Year 1- Swan Class 


Autumn 2 - Learning Overview


The topic for this half term is Superheroes       

  Maths: We will be learning:

  Number: Addition and Subtraction (within 10) 

 - Finding number bonds for numbers within 10

 - Systematic methods for number bonds within 10

 - Addition - adding together 

 -Subtraction - taking away, how many are left ? This will include the introduction of the subtraction symbol 

 -Subtraction - Counting back 

 -Fact families - the 8 facts


 Number: Place Value (within 20) 

 -Count forwards and backwards and write numbers to twenty in numerals and words 

 -Identifying how many tens and ones there are in a given number within 20

 -Count one more and one less

 -Compare groups of objects using language such as greater than, less than or equal to

 -Order groups of objects

 -Order numbers 


Geometry: Shape 

 -Recognise and name 2-D shapes

 -Sort 2-D shapes

 -Recognise and name 3- D shapes

 -Sort 3-D shapes

 -Patters with 2-D and 3-D shapes  


    At this stage of Year One writing the numbers the opposite way is very common. If you would like to practice forming the numbers please see below:




  We will  be using the books Traction Man is Here and Who Can be a Superhero ?  to inspire our writing this half term. 

   Our learning will include:

  -Retelling the story by creating actions and freeze frames. 

 -Making a comic strip of the story. 

 -Writing full sentences to describe the characters in the story. 

 -Creating our own Superhero and writing about an adventure. 

 -Writing about real superheroes and thinking about what skills and qualities make them a superhero.

Grammar: This term we will be focusing on using the following:

 -Capital letters at the start of a sentence

 - finger spaces

  -Full stops 

  If your child completes any writing at home please encourage the children to use capital letters at the start of the sentence. 

 Please see google classroom for the Year One writing checklists which includes all of the grammar features we will be teaching over the academic year. 



   This half term we are recapping phase 3 sounds. We will also be learning the Phase 4 sounds. 

     Please see the image below which shows all of the sounds:

     The website Phonics play has lots of free games:

    Below are some optional phonics activities:    




 Science: our topic this term is:

 Seasonal Change 1 

  Our topic this half term is Seasonal Change. This topic will be covered throughout the year to enable the children to observe changes   across the four seasons. Throughout the year the children will observe and describe weather associated with the seasons and describe how day length varies.


  History: Our topic is Intrepid Explorers and will be learning about: 

  -Christopher Columbus’s journey and what he discovered 

   -The impact of Columbus’s voyages and what he brought back to Europe 

   -Who Neil Armstrong is and why he is remembered today 

  - Finding out about Neil Armstrong’s landing on the moon and the impact this has had on the world

  -Comparing the lives and achievements of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong 


 RE: This half term we will be learning about Christianity including:

  -Learning about the Christian Creation story 

  -learning and retelling the Christian Christmas story

  -Discussing what gifts Jesus might have been given if he was born here rather than Bethlehem 


   PE will be on a Monday and a Friday. 


 Home learning project for this half term:

 The task for this half term is to make a poster about who is your hero. The poster should include a picture, three facts and an explanation as to why this person is your hero. This can be uploaded to Google classroom.  




Weekly Spellings

Every Monday by 9 AM the weekly spellings will be posted on google classroom. The spellings will be reviewed in class the following week.  

This will be completed in the Home / School spelling book which will be sent home weekly to enable you to see what your child wrote. We are trialing this in the Autumn term as we appreciate that a lot of work goes into helping the children with the spellings and we wanted parents to have the opportunity to know how their child wrote the words. 

The book will be sent home every Tuesday and we would like you to sign on the bottom when you have looked at the score on any day that week. Please ensure the home / school spelling book is in your child’s book bag on a Monday morning. 

















Helpful websites for home learning



Every child in YR-Y6 has a Mathletics account and login. In addition to weekly set homework, there are many activities and maths games which children can play

Every child in Y1-Y6 has an account and login, with age-appropriate times table games and challenges. 

BBC Bitesize Primary

Excellent resources for topic work and grammar explanations

Free online ebooks: National Geographic Young ExplorerStoryline Online and Oxford Owl

Websites with lists of recommended books for different ages / topics: Booktrust and Love Reading


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Phonics screening information PowerPoint:



Please note that phonics play is currently free.

Phonics screening June 2020 

During parents evening some people were asking about the phonics screening which will take place the week of the 8th June. 

There will be more information in the Spring term but as discussed here is a link to a video with more information: 

Please see below for all of the handwriting resources.