Welcome to Reception - Swan Class page. Adults in Reception - Miss Raggio (Monday, Thursday, Friday), Mrs Warwick (Tuesday, Wednesday), Ms Mason (Every weekday).

Reception - Swans


Welcome to Reception!

 Christmas Performance - Wow the children were amazing - please look out for tapestry pictures!

Homework -  Please read with your child daily either their reading challange book, library book or their class reading book. With the class reading books get the children to look though the book first, talk about the characters, the setting and what is happening , get them to predict what might happen next. Get the children to look for any tricky words they have learnt already. The children should pick up on any repeating words in the text. They should be blending the words that are  not tricky words. They should also reread a sentence without sounding out after they have read it. I am happy to show any parents after school. We are also learning to find the total of two groups by counting all of them. Please see below.   

Help needed- Please let us know if you have some free time and can come in and paint the writing shed.

Reading - We will change school reading books on a Monday and a Friday, To help your child you can put the school reading book in their contact book on these days, Library books will be changed on a Thursday and school labelled Reading challenge books will be changed on a Friday also alongside their reading book if you wish to read addtional books for the reading challenge please feel free to use library book from Stoneleigh or the school library or personal books from home. 

 Word collector -The school has introduced a new story and we are all making a display. When you are reading with your child and you come across a new or an interesting word we would like to add it to the display - this is not meant to be every week or every book just when you come across a new word for your child. Last week we talked about in the class the word 'shot' from the story 'Room on the broom' "they shot across the sky to the back of beyond" we talked about how it means to travel very fast across the sky and how it was much more interesting to use this word than simply they flew across the sky.

Tapestry - Please let us know if you are not receiving notifications. We would then like to invite you in after school to ensure that we have the correct details on the system.  Please note that at the moment the system is currently down and we are trying to fix this issue ASAP. 

Children's Magazines - If you have brought any comic books such as CBeebies, Blaze and the Monster Machines etc and they are still in good condition please could you donate them to us for our reading corner to entice the boys to read as we are awaiting our new and improved books shelf.

Thank you - to all the parents that donated on the class wish list. You are amazing and you are helping to support all children in the EYFS. Your donations will help over 50 children with their learning. 

With the donation of the bike your are helping children develop their gross motor as well as their team work. With the donation of the water tray you are helping children develop their fine,  gross, personal and communication areas. with the donation of the wooden number boards you are helping children to work out amounts and recognise numerals.

If you have any questions please speak to Miss Raggio or a member of the reception class team.


 We are going to be looking at Christmas.

We are currently working on developing our fine motor grip. Ways you can support this are  playing with playdough, using tweezers, threading and more. https://theimaginationtree.com/40-fine-motor-skills-activities-for-kids/


We have begun to look at Phase 2 phonics. Please look out for a video of how to say the sound. I have added some colouring pages below as well as the tricky words for Phase 2.

Great phonics app include:

Geraldine Giraffe has videos on youtube and a phonics playland app which mirrors what we teach in class


Pirate phonics

pocket phonics lite

teach your monster to read 

On Monday we sent home reading books - from next week we will change twice a week. We will log the book they get sent home at the back of the contact book and please write if they have read it on the weekly diary sheet in their contact books.



We are focusing counting and finding the total of two groups, 







We are  looking at the theme of Christmas.

We are going to be looking at why we celebrate Christmas jumper day and making lots of items for Christmas!