Welcome to Reception - Swan Class page. Adults in Reception - Miss Raggio (Monday, Thursday, Friday), Mrs Warwick (Tuesday, Wednesday), Ms Mason (Every weekday).

Reception - Swans


Welcome to Reception!


The main focus for the next few weeks will be to settle the children in to class and establish routines and expectations. The children have done really well this week. Please talk to your children about their lunches and make a mental note of what they liked and didn't like. If your child is slightly anxious or you are please give your child a key ring and you also have a key ring that they can then hold throughout the day. You can also ask them at the end of the day if they felt it when you held it.

 Homework -  This week on Tapestry we sent home a video to help you support your child with forming numbers and how to say the sounds s, a, t, p. On Thursday we will send home another video for the sounds we have learnt this week, i, n, d, o. Please help us support your child with practicing the number formation and the recognition and pronunciation of the sounds. Please can your child  learn how to spell the trick words using the letter names . If your child is having trouble holding a pencil please help us by doing things like threading, play dough, doing up buttons, etc. . I have uploaded a document to help you practice pencil control with your child please see below. Please also see below for more ideas you.


There will be a weekly reading challenge 


Soon you will also receive a Name paddle, This will be the same as the one at school please can you help your child to form the letters correctly and hold the pencil correctly. Look out for an example video.


If you have any questions please speak to Miss Raggio.



We are currently working on developing our fine motor grip. Ways you can support this are  playing with playdough, using tweezers, threading and more. https://theimaginationtree.com/40-fine-motor-skills-activities-for-kids/


We have begun to look at Phase 2 phonics. Please look out for a video of how to say the sound. I have added some colouring pages below as well as the tricky words for Phase 2.


On Monday we sent home reading books - from next week we will change twice a week. We will log the book they get sent home at the back of the contact book and please write if they have read it on the weekly diary sheet in their contact books.



This week we are learning how to recognise the numbers to 10 and match amounts this is called subitising this means being able to to instantaneously recognise the number of objects in a small group without the need to count them. we also match them to the numeral. 

Ideas that you can do at home is play a turn taking game with dice such as snakes and ladders can your child recognise the amount on the dice. Other useful website are below.







After half term we will be looking at the theme of Halloween. 


We have been talking about class rules as well as kind hands and feet in PSED. We will be looking forward to learning about magic potion making and adding ingredients to a cauldron. We ahev also been looking at mixing colours in class.


You can support this at home by going for a walk in Nonsuch Park and looking for pine cones, conkers and leaves. Please feel free to send in for our mud kitchen outside. perhaps you would like to paint a stone with an item that you might want to use as part of your potion brewing e.g. a frog or a spider and we can add these to our outside kitchen.