Good Book

Our Good Book assembly is one of the ways in which we celebrate outstanding achievement and behaviour.  Each week, each class teacher chooses children from their class who have stood out for excellence in a certain area of their learning or their contribution to the wider school community. Certificates are also presented to children who have achieved their bronze, silver or gold award for smiley faces.

(We apologise for occasional inaccuracies in the spellings of names!)



Reception - Euan for trying his best on his daily mile and Isabel for trying hard on her work 

Year 1- Cody for always challenging himself on his writing and Kate and Jude for working hard on their phonics

Year 2 -  the whole class for their happiness, teamwork and respect on both of their class trips last week 

Year 3 - Aaron for his work on telling time and Danny for always showing respect and being polite 

Year 4 - Mia for always showing respect and working hard, Aleksander for improving his presentation and James for always going the extra mile with his learning 

Year 5 - Kitty and Tom for their teamwork and willingness to help and their hard work 

Year 6 - the whole class for their behaviour and enthusiasm during PGL