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Owls Class

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Our topic this term is...

The Seaside!

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W/C 10.6.19

Maths: A final review on some tricky areas from Year two and some extra challenges! 


English: Seaside Fiction

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I can write a short story from the seagull's point of view 

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I can use a story mountain to plan my own seaside story

 SPaG: I can spell many compound words 

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We had a very busy first week back!


What multi-skills activities did you enjoy the most? 


What did you enjoy doing during our science trip?

What did you learn?



In English we worked hard on making predictions and making

inferences using our new class story.


Try to make predictions before reading your own books at

home or before turning to the next page. 

What do you think will happen next? 

How do you know? 


How do you think Hamish the cat felt in the story? 

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How did Mr Grinling feel at the end of the story?

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In SPaG we explored homophones! 

How many homophones do you know? 

Write them down! 

How many can you find in your reading books?

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TT Rockstars 



What is the difference between a physical feature and human feature?  

What physical and human features do we usually see at the seaside? 


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   Reading - daily

We have been working very hard on our reading comprehension and the different types of questions.

Have a look at the reading crew below!

What kind of questions might they ask? 

Maybe an adult can ask you the different questions when

reading your reading book. 


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Can you read fluently without long pauses between words? 

Reading your book multiple times can help you with this! 

Can you use expression when you see different punctuation -

. ? or ! 

Spellings - weekly (three related to the sound/spelling focus of the week and three common exception words)



Our Timetable

Teacher: Miss Piccinini 

TA: Mrs Worsfold 


Monday- PE (outdoor), PSHE

Tuesday RE and Computing (Mrs Dodds)

WednesdayTopic (History/Geography/Art/DT) and Library

Thursday- Science and Reading comprehension 

Friday: Topic (History/Geography/Art/DT) and PE (tennis) 

*Daily Maths, English, Handwriting and Phonics


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