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The Governing Body at Nonsuch Primary School consists of members of the local and school community. It works closely with Mr Green and the Senior Leadership Team to oversee the strategic direction of the school. It does this by offering support, constructive advice, a sounding board for ideas, and help where needed. It challenges, asks questions and seeks information to ensure that the best interests of the children at Nonsuch Primary are maintained.

All of the governors listed below act on a voluntary basis. Some are appointed by the Local Authority (LA), some elected by parents, some by teachers/staff and some are co-opted by the governors from the local community.

 The Department for Education has stated that governors hold an important public office and their identity should be known to their school and wider communities. In the interests of transparency, governing bodies should publish on their website information about their members, committee structure and remit of committees. All information needs to be published in a readily accessible form. Readily accessible means that the information should be on a webpage without the need to download or open a separate document. This can be found below.

 This school uses the Model of Governance of a Full Governing Body (FGB) meeting each month for ten months of the year. When necessary, working groups can be established - for example, budget planning - and these working groups report back to the FGB for final agreement.

Governing Body

Governor Type (Appointed by) Name Expiry Declarations of Interest
Parent (Parent vote) Mrs Lana de Araujo Oct 2021 Nil
Parent (Parent vote) Mrs Alice Smith Oct 2021 Nil
Headteacher (interim)

Mr Geoff Green



Staff Governor

Miss Rachel Evans

Aug 2021


Co-opted (FGB vote) Mr Jonathan Nicholas (Chair) Mar 2020 Nil
Co-opted (FGB vote) Mr Paul Steynberg (Vice Chair) June 2019 Married to R. Steynberg ( employed by the school as financial assistant)
Co-opted (FGB vote) Mrs Gloria Obayda Nov 2019 Nil
Co-opted (FGB vote) Ms Clare Cruise Feb 2021 Nil
Co-opted (FGB vote) Mr Abish Asharaf May 2021 Nil
Co-opted (FGB vote) Miss Brenda McDonald May 2021 Nil
Co-opted (FGB vote) Miss Annie Good May 2021  Nil


Governor Type

Name OCT 17 JUL 17 MAY 17 FEB 17 DEC 16 OCT 16

Headteacher (interim)

Mr Geoff Green N N N N N N

Staff Governor

Miss Rachel Evans Y


Mr Paul Steynberg Y N N Y N Y
Co-opted Mrs Gloria Obayda Y N Y Y Y N
Co-opted Mr Jonathan Nicholas (Chair) Y Y Y N Y N
Co-opted Ms Clare Cruise Y Y N N
Co-opted Mr Abish Asharaf Y Y
Co-opted Miss Brenda McDonald N Y
Co-opted Miss Annie Good Y Y

Attendance of former governors

Governor Type

Name JUL 17 MAY 17 FEB 17 DEC 16 OCT 16 JUL 16


Mrs Alex Bradley Y Y Y Y Y Y


Mr Robert McGeorge Y Y Y Y Y


Mr Josh Chamberlin Y Y N Y N Y


Mr Roger Roberts N Y N N N Y

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