The School Council


About the School Council

Every class from Y1-6 has 2 elected representatives who meet weekly to work on ideas for improving our school and who also represent our school to governors and visitors. 


School Council News

Introducing our new school councillors!

Well done to everybody who took part, there were a lot of children in each class who showed that they are keen to get involved in improving our school and who had the courage to stand up in front of their class for nomination.  

This year's councillors are...

Y1 - Darcy & Josh

Y2 - Sophie & Jack

Y3 - Emilia & Oscar

Y4 - Ella & Liam

Y5 - Maisie & George

Y6 - Nadiraah, Tula & Danial

 Come and see our photos on the display board outside the library.

This year's charities are...

WWF (The World Wildlife Fund)

This charity aims to protect the world's wildlife, forests, rivers and seas, and promote ways in which we can all live to protect our planet and the enviornment.


UNICEF (the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund)

This charity protects children in our country and all over the world who are in danger because of war, natural disasters, disease or family problems.  

Current School Council Projects

We are deciding how to raise money for these charities this term and next term.


Mrs Walters is in charge of our school council and would be happy to discuss any related matters with you.