Good Book

The good book is one of the ways in which we celebrate outstanding achievement and behaviour. Each week, each class teacher chooses children from their class who have stood out for excellence in a certain area of their learning or their contribution to the wider school community. Certificates are also presented to children who have achieved their bronze, silver or gold award for smiley faces.

(We apologise for occasional inaccuracies in the spellings of names!)

3 July 2017

Reception- Darcy and Livishan for their handwriting 

Year 1-  The whole class for their class assembly and for cheering for each other during sports day 

Year 2-  The whole class for their wonderful class assembly and great sportsmanship on sports day. A special mention to Mia, Rakshan, Lyri and Joshua Ha for their seaside frames 

Year 3-  Mario for great teamwork and Luke F and Chloe for growth in their learning 

Year 4-  The whole class for helping with setting up for sports day 

Year 5-  Jessie, Ellie, Phoebe, Emily, Daniel, Ayaan, Danial and Freddie for being fantastic nursery day helpers 

Year 6-  Zaid, Rachael, Yousif, Harry, Tom and Krishna for being helpful during sports day 

14th July

Rec - Max Gre for reaching blue level in reading.

Year 1 - Aurelia and Emma for great thinking in maths. Aaron for showing growth in helping set up the computers. Maya for showing growth in all her learning.

Year 2 - Lucy B, Tyler, Fadhlur, Maleeha and Stephania for their great puppets, including the one of Miss P

Year 3 - Isla, Daniel and Asweni for living up to our school values all this year.

Year 4 - All the class for their brilliant efforts at the Dragon Days performances and at the Instrumental Concert this week.

Year 5 - All the class for their great efforts in Dragon Days this week.

Year 6 - All the class for their energy and talent shown in Dragon Days. Also Yousif for being a great "sound man" in the play.