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Digestive system

English -

 Working on Non Chronological Reports about desert animals, we have been writing about feelings related to colour and  sounds to help us picture life in the desert. The final presentation will be on a google slides and presented to the class.



Maths -  New topic of Measure and Perimeter,   

Please carry on revising the  times tables as this is very beneficial to the children. Everyone is working really hard and the whole class have come a long way. Well Done !


Hints on questioning    Convert 20 mm to cm , How many grams in a kilo?

how many litres are in 4 bottles of coke?



 Apologies  for the website glitches, now all seems to working as normal.



Spellings will continue  from the Y3/Y4 spelling list. 

 Children no longer need to return their spellings sheets to school as the spelling tests will allow us to see how they are doing. Thank you

 Monday - Mrs Miyan  all day 

Tuesday - Mrs Miyan  all day 

Wednesday-  Mrs Miyan / Mrs Walters pm     

Thursday - Mrs Miyan am / Mr Bowen pm 

Friday - Mrs Miyan all day