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Our topic this term is ... 

The Great Fire of London!  

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W/C 21.5.18

Assessment Week!

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By the end of the week we will watch our mini London burn and Friday will be filled with fun! 


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Review! Review! Review! 


Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division! 

Finding the fraction of a number

Solving problems with addition, subtraction, multiplication or division! 

Solving problems with more than two steps (finding the total first and then finding the change)

Solving problems that ask how much more is needed or missing parts 

Knowing 2D and 3D shapes

Reading the time on a clock! 


Knowing how to answer recall, inferencing, vocabulary, sequencing and prediction questions using the clues from the text! 



Being able to identify nouns, proper nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs 

Understanding how apostrophes are used

Understanding how commas are used

Knowing what conjunction (joining word) is most appropriate




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Our Timetable

Monday: Computing, PSHE

Tuesday: PE in the hall, Reading comprehension

Wednesday: Science, Topic

Thursday: PE outdoors (Mr Bowen, am2) and RE/Library (Mrs Dodds, pm) 

Friday: Topic/Art/DT 

*English (writing, reading, SPaG), Phonics, Maths are daily

Spellings are put into the contact book every Monday. There are three words related to the focus of the week and three words from the common exception word list. The words are not tested formally in class but children are expected to spell them correctly when they apply them to their writing. 


Fluency books should be completed daily. 


Mathletics usernames and passwords are in the contact books.

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