We are looking forward to seeing most of you for parents' evening this Thursday and Friday.


This week in Maths we have been scaling recipes and there has been a lot of demand for the recipes we used. I will send home the paper copies but here is the website link if you would like the preparation instructions or further inspiration! I took the recipes from the Good Food website.


This week's times tables: x 4


This week's spellings: silent letters 

Apologies for putting these up later than usual.

doubt (noun / verb: to be unsure of something )

island (noun: a piece of land entirely surrounded by water)

lamb (noun: a baby sheep)

debt (noun: money which you owe to somebody)

climb (verb / noun: to go up something which is steep e.g. stairs, or a hill)

knife (noun: a piece of cutlery which cuts food)

knob (noun: the handle of a door or a piece of butter)

could (modal verb: to be able to do something)

should (modal verb: something is a good idea)

answer (verb / noun: to respond to a question)



This week

Maths:  scaling decimals and amounts to solve problems

English: writing to instruct: space gadgets. Inventing  space gadget and explaining how it works 

Grammar focus: relative clauses


Overview of this half term

Maths: Decimals, percentages

English: Child-led writing inspired by Beegu. Writing to instruct and persuade: space gadgets.

Science: We will continue our science topic for a short time, and then focus on geography

Topic: Space

PE: Real PE / tennis

Art/DT: Light & shade