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The children all came back this week extremely mature and eager to learn!

We have started our new topic: 'Vikings'. The children have explored Viking life, looking at the different aspects of life and comparing these to the Saxons. This is an interesting topic which we are all excited to be starting.

In Maths, we are coming to the end of our Addition and Subtraction unit, and will be moving onto Statistics by the end of next week. 

Today, we started our new English unit. We are studying what happened at Lindisfarne and the attacks the Vikings carried out on the Anglo Saxon monastery.  Over the next few weeks, we will be planning and writing our own diary entries, encouraging us to reflect on how the monks would have felt during this attack.

In other news, Year 5 managed to return the largest number of sponsorship forms in KS2 for our NSPCC sponsored run. Thank you all so much, and everyone who donated for their kind donations.

You have all been fantastic this week, keep it up!


Miss Sarjeant




A brief overview of this half term

Maths: Addition and Subtraction: mental addition and subtraction, formal written method, bar models

English: Diary Writing - Lindisfarne Invasion

ScienceProperties and Changes of Materials

Topic: Anglo Saxons and Vikings

French: Likes and dislikes/Healthy eating

RE: Christianity 

PSHCE: Celebrating Differences

PE: Sit down volleyball and tag rugby

Computing: 'We are game developers'

Music:  'Songwriters' 

Art: Line, shape and form - John Brunsden

DT: Make our own moving toys

  • PE Kits will be needed every Thursday and Friday.
  • Spellings, Mathletics and Fluency books will be given out every week and revisited the following week 

 This weeks spellings:

Double consonants












Any questions about anything, I am happy to help! 




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