This week's times tables: x 12

Many of the class are rusty with their times tables, so we will be spending a week on each.  As well as learning the times table, we will be broadening these to related facts (e.g. 4 x 7,  40 x 7,  0.4 x 7)


This week's spellings: unstressed vowels and consonants

bruise (noun: skin which has changed colour because it is damaged)

category (noun: a set of things which have been grouped together)

embarrass (verb: to feel awkward or self-conscious) 

cemetery (noun: a place where people are buried)

desperate (adjective: to really need / want something)

vegetable (noun: healthy food you should eat every day!)

environment (noun: your surroundings or conditions)

foreign (adjective: unknown or from a different country)

language (noun: how we communicate with other people)  

marvellous (adjective: brilliant!)  


This week

Maths: squares, cubes, prime numbers.

English: Writing to persuade: arguments & debates

Grammar focus: structure of a paragraph


Overview of this half term

Maths: Multiplication & division.  Statistics 

English: Writing to inform: biographies (Alfred the Great).  Writing to entertain: Lindesfarne raid diary.  Writing to persuade: argument & debate (Were the Vikings good for Britain?).  Poetry: 'Twas the Night before Christmas

Science: Properties & changes in materials.  Forces

Topic: Vikings

PE: Cognitive skills & netball

Art/DT: Cams

French: Music

PSHE: Being in my world

RE: Sikhism