Class information

Welcome to the final half term of Year 5! Ms. Hawker is holding the annual transition to high school meeting on Tuesday 13th June at 6pm. This meeting is very useful for all the information and deadlines for applying to secondary schools, as well as an opportunity to ask questions.  

Please ensure your child has trainers and a raincoat / sun hat in school as we will be taking opportunities to go outside.

This term our topic is 'Changes'. As part of that, we are encouraging children to bring in a picture of themselves as a baby and as a child so that we can discuss how we have changed.  


This week's spellings: homophones and near homophones

affect (verb: to have an impact or cause a change)

effect (noun: consequences)

cereal (noun: Cornflakes or Shreddies) 

serial (noun: a connected story, e.g. The Harry Potter serial) 

altar (noun: a table - especially in a Christian church - used during services)

alter (verb: to change something) 

stationary (adj: not moving, e.g. a stationary train)

stationery (noun: office/school equipment, e.g. pens, pencils, envelopes) 

compliment (verb/noun: to say something nice to somebody)

complement (verb: matches "The colour of the sofa really complements the colour of the walls)


This week

Maths: perimeter and area

English: Writing to explain: Charlotte's Web reflections and character studies

Grammar focus: apostrophes


Overview of this half term

Maths: 5.11 and 5.12 measurement

English: Writing to explain, persuade and entertain using Charlotte's Web.  Character study, letter of complaint, story using dialogue.

Science: Animals including humans

Topic: Changes

PE: Swimming (Wednesdays), athletics & rounders (changing dates)

Art/DT: Art using changes in nature

French: Healthy eating

PSHE: Celebrating differences