Reception Class

Class teacher: Miss Raggio                     

Teaching Assistant: Ms Mason                                     


 Welcome to Reception! 

Welcome back - We have had a fun filled start to the term.

We are learning about traditional tales and fairy tales this term.

We are trying to Jazz up our book corner if anyone has any cushions they would like to donate they would warmly be welcomed.


We are continuing with our phonics and have sent home a small book either red or purple with the sounds in we have sent home the last set this term. Please can you help us to support the practice of letter writing through cursive handwriting ready for year 2. In phonics and will also be securing and learning our digraphs form the phase 3 learning both their phonemes (sounds) and their letter names as well as some digraphs (2 letters 1 sound).  We have also begun to learn a new set of tricky words. 


We have also sent home the tricky words we would like you to continue to practice to write and read.  as well as word to practice blending and hearing the sounds in. 


In class we are working on hearing sounds in words when we are writing. we have mostly begun to write labels but for those more confident we are encouraging them to sound out captions too. 




 We are looking at numbers and finding one more and one less than a number or amount. Next week we will be looking at adding two groups together as well as learning to recognise the amount in groups e.g. on dice or in a row.


 Kim Raggio