It's going to be a great year!!



 We've had some questions about the reading and the sound books. I'll try to explain the system a bit more detailed.


Sound books:

As you probably know the children need to know the letter sounds before they start blending (sounding out the words). It's a process where they need to get to a certain number of sounds before they can 'get it'. In school we do 15-20 minutes a day on running through the sounds so the work you put in at home will be guided to the sounds we are focussing a bit extra on, writing and sounding out.


Some strategies for the sound book

- At the front of the book we have the rhyme that we use to remind the children about the correct letter formation. Make them say the rhyme whilst writing the letter (we only do lower case at the moment).

- Run through the sound mat (phase 2) a few times a week and ask children to come up with words starting with that sound. Then flip it and say a word, for instance gorilla and ask them to find the sound on the sound mat. 

- Get some flour or shaving foam out and spread it in a baking tray, get them to write the sound in it. Or make it from playdough.


It's vital that we keep this speed in the beginning of the year as we need to learn 44 sounds/phonemes securely and to be able to blend them to read words by just after Christmas. Please be aware that we are already running some catch-up sessions with children who take a bit longer to learn the sounds. We know it's a lot but to reach the End of Year expectations it's necessary.



Reading book:

- In the beginning it's very slow process to read and a lot of the effort when reading will be to get the children to talk abut the pictures and what they see. Can they come up with a word with the sound 't' in it or starting with, for instance.

- Ask the children to sound out the word. If they don't remember the sound by looking at the letter ask them to refer it back to the sound mat you were given.

- Focus on one or two or possibly three different words for them to learn and once you've read the book go back and ask them to find/read that word again. If you have fridge magnets, put the words on the fridge as a word bank and add to it so they can see the words they can read. Go back a go over it from time to time.

- Books will be changed once a week to enable you to take your time and really get them to recognise securely some of the words (or all, depending on the child and the book) before changing it.




Mr Hedlund, Ms Mason, Ms Jones