Reception Class

Class teacher: Miss Raggio                     

Teaching Assistant(s): Ms Mason                                     

                                           Miss Jones


This half term we are focusing on the theme of 'Minibeasts'!

Week beginning 9th July. We are still learning about minibeasts. We will be looking at Butterflies in detail! We will be looking at halving on ladybirds and labling the different parts of a butterfly

Important reminders

Next week we will try to read on Monday and Wednesday as usual and if for any reason we do not finish then we will finish reading the next day. Please do sign to say you have read otherwise we will assume you have not read. 



This week we will be focusing on the aspect of number from development matters and looking at working towards achieving our early learning goal specifically working on halving followng on from the work on doubling. 

At home:

Play a game with two domino dice, roll one dice and then match it to the other dice talk about the total and how that the die on its own is half? Make a cake and halve the ingredients. When eating dinner model the language of half when cutting food up.




We write about our weekend every Monday.  We have also begun to look at how we form sentences and the rules as part of this. Such as  saying the sentence out loud, stretching the sounds in our words when we sound out, knowing our tricky words, using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.  This week we will be writing about the life cycle of butterflies.

At home

Can your child tell you their specific literacy writing target?

Can they sound out words to hear and say the sounds?

Can they tell you how to form a letter correctly?



We read weekly with your child. We look for to see if your child is reading fluently (about 80% of what they read on their level is reading without sounding out as well as recognising most/all tricky words in their texts). We are also looking to see if your child can infer what is happening from the text and can recall what they have read these are important skills to secure. Ask them questions about what was happening in the book? What happened to the main character? What happened at the beginning of the story?  How characters were feeling?  How do they know? What tone of voice would be best for a the character? E.G. Would a giant sound like a robot or a mouse or would he have a different type of voice? etc. We will move your child when the staff in class feel they are ready and secure in all of these skills and are able to access the next level. Please help us by encouraging a love of reading with your child by sharing books at home and encouraging your child to reread books they enjoy. 

At home

Read a story at bedtime with your child to encourage the love of reading!



We are recapping all of our phase 2 and 3 sounds. We are practicing our constant blends. (These can be sounded out and blended separately but when reading it helps the children to decode quicker) E.G. nk , spl, dr etc. We are also practicing our tricky words.

At home

Please help us support your child by practicing the above at home too. You could play snap with the sounds or tricky words or you can try and find the sounds or tricky words in a newspaper and highlight them in different colours. Practice rhyming words with your child so they can hear the middle and end sounds in words.


Kim Raggio