It's going to be a great year!!


 Update on word boxes


Well done to all of those who have progressed to the second set of word boxes. Remember, we check word boxes once a week, normally mid-week, and not in between. 


Homework over the holidays:

I've put together some English homework, which is matching capital letters to lowercase letters. There are a few activities in there so don't do them all at once. I would suggest to start with the sheets where they circle one out of three matching letters moving on to the cutting out and sticking activities.


I've also put together some Maths homework. This can be worked through at leisure and is covering a number of different activities and levels.



 The topic next term is 'Around the World'. Can I please ask you to let us know in the diary which nationalities other than English your family is made up of (i.e. mum/dad/carer or child's). I think we have managed to remember most (some 20 so far) but I don't want to forget anyone.


Mr Hedlund, Ms Mason, Ms Jones