It's going to be a great year!!


Dear all,

This will be my last update before Ms Raggio takes over. She should be back on the 19th (not sure if she is back in class) and we will work alongside for a while to hand over the class etc. I have greatly enjoyed my time in Flamingo class and I wish all of you the best of luck.




In recent assessment we can see that the children have made very good progress in numbers. We have about 25 children who would have secured their Early Learning Goal already (expected level at the end of the summer term, not now!). Go Flamingos!. We have a few more children who are very close to it. What we are doing before the Easter holidays is to secure the number writing even further and work on some mental maths (one more, less, before, after, bigger, smaller etc.). After Easter there will most likely be a focus on shapes and patterns etc.



I have assessed against all of the phase 3 sounds and will focus the last weeks of the term on focussing on the children who have some vowel digraphs left, as well as phase 3 tricky words. Children's blending is getting really good and almost all of them have understood the importance of finger spaces between words - but please remind them about that if they forget.

You can print and cut out a visual from here for instance if you'd like:




Mr Hedlund