Reception Class

Class teacher: Miss Raggio                     

Teaching Assistant: Ms Mason 

Learning Support Assistant (Mornings only): Mrs Carter                             


 Welcome to Reception! 



We need your help. We are organising a 

Car show for the last weekend in the term.

If you would be willing to volunteer your

time please let us know. We need people to

run stalls and cook food.


This week we have been looking at the SET's Powers and writing in when we have shown them. E.g. respect, creativity etc.  We will continue this next week. We have also been looking at take away. Next week we will collect in all reading and library books.




We are continuing with our phonics. Please learn the next set of tricky words that we sent home. These tricky words do not follow the rules we learn in phonics of being able to be broken down to sound out. They are words we have to learn as a whole word as well as to spell them. We are continuing to blend words together to spell and read as well as continuing to recognise the letter name e.g.  for a the name would be ai as well as the phoneme (sound) ahhh. 



Phase 2 tricky words your child should now know to read and write are:

I , the, into, to, no, go

Phase 3 tricky words your child should now know to read and write are:

he, she, we, me, be, was, you, they, all, are, my, her


Phase 4 tricky words your child should know to read and write are:

said, have , like, so, do, some, come, little, one, there,

were, what, when





 We are continuing take away.We learnt that the amount and the number gets smaller. We also looked at using a numberline to help us.


 Kim Raggio