Week beginning 11.3.19 Growing 

This week the children have been looking at how people might share similar features or interests but they may also have features or interests that are different. As a class we have discussed the fact that all the children have hair but their hair may be a different colour, length or type for example. We have shared a fun flap book called All Kinds of People and looked at photos and short clips of school children from around the world, including a school on a boat, children that sit on the floor outside for lessons or in metal huts with a mud floor.  

In maths we have been looking at 2D shapes - mostly circles, squares, triangles and rectangles. As well as learning to recognise the shapes and name them we have been helping the children to deepen their understanding by asking them 'How do you know it's a triangle?' We have been talking about shapes having sides that are curved or straight and have called the corners 'sharp pointy corners'. We have sung a simple song about triangles having 3 straight sides and 3 corners to the tune of 3 blind mice. It goes like this:

Triangle, triangle,

3 straight sides, 3 straight sides,

It isn't a circle, it isn't a square

you can see triangles every where,

you can even hear, if you listen with care

a triangle (ting!! on a triangle musical instrument)


Thank you to everyone for your support with the Mini Marsden March on Friday, whether you donated or came in to help with the walk. The children did really well and the rain held off - hooray!! We raised over £200 for the Royal Marsden just in the Nursery classes. The rest of the school will be marching at a later date. 

Pyjama day raised £130 which will be put towards renovating our garden along with the Scoot athon money (we're just waiting for a final few sponsorships forms and money to come back) THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your support, it is greatly appreciated. 

How to help at home

Talk about how as a family you share some features and interests but how you are also different.  Use a mirror to look carefully at each others eye colour. Is it the same or different? Who is tallest? Who likes playing football? Does everyone like carrots? chocolate?

I like this song about shapes,


There is a shape song 2 it mostly just names the shapes but for those that enjoy learning new shape names it goes on to name shapes with 10, 11 and 12 sides. There may be an advert at the start, so you may wish to load it before your child starts viewing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTeqUejf3D0

 Go on a shape hunt around the house. Which shapes can you find? Which shape did you find the most of ? Practice drawing circles in the air, in a baking tray of flour, in the bubbles in the bath. Cut out some simple shapes from paper and use them to make a shape picture.  Talk about the properties of the shapes - squares have 4 straight sides all the same length, with 4 pointy corners. 

Image result for shape pictures 

Please send in a transparent, see through, bottle that has been cut in half so that we can plant beans and watch them grow. We will need them by next Friday 22nd March. Thank you. See the letter outside the nursery class door. 


Please could everyone check the jumpers they have at home. Caleb is missing a jumper with a school logo. Please send it back in if you find it. Thank you

Dates for your diary


21st April Odd socks day - Down's Syndrome Awareness day

23rd April Term starts 

26th April Class Photos

 6th May - No Nursery Bank holiday



Week beginning 4.3.19

Growing - human life cycle

The children have been learning more about our bodies and how they grow. The children have been really interested in parts of the body. We have talked about when we grow and challenged some misconceptions such as "we grow when it's our birthday". The children have really enjoyed guessing who everyone is from their baby photo. Thank you so much for sending them in. We still have a few more to share next week.

So far the sponsored scoot has raised an amazing amount of money Thank you so much! If anyone is yet to send in their money please do so and we will announce the final amount. 

I hope the children enjoyed book day. We shared lots of stories in class, acted out the bear hunt and Mr Wolf's pancakes in the garden, used lots of our lovely new story sacks  and listened to stories read by the Year 3 children who came to visit us. 

Thanks to everyone for your support at parents evening. It was really useful and valuable for us and I hope for you too. 

How to help at home.

We shared lots of rhyming books and revisited our work on rhyme. Share some rhyming stories at home or visit the library to find some new ones. The Oi series by Kes Grey(Oi Frog, Oi Cat, Oi Dog) has lots of funny rhyming words and is good for the children to predict what might happen at the end. 

Next week we will be finding out how our bodies change during and after exercise. If you go to the park,  play in the garden, go swimming etc, you could talk about how we become out of breath, hot, sweaty, your heart beats faster etc. 

We have been measuring parts of our body and using maths language such as taller, tallest, longer, longest. The children could line up any teddies or soft toys and find out which is the tallest, shortest, which one is taller than ..... When measuring, the children need to use something like the edge of a table or a piece of masking tape on the floor to act as a base line, and ensure all the teddies feet touch the line and are being measured from the same starting point. Are any of your teddies the same length? 

Image result for early years comparing length

If you don't have one you could start a growth chart to measure your child and record how much they grow over time. "I'm as big as" are fun ones to use. 

Dates for your diary

On Friday 15th  we are taking part in a Mini Marsden March with the other schools in the Sutton Education Trust to raise money for the Royal Marsden. The Nursery children will be marching around the playground (and if not too muddy the woodland area) at 11.00 am for the morning children and 2.30 for the afternoon children. Parents are very welcome to come and join us, extra pairs of hands would really help. Thank you. 



Welcome back. We hope you had a good half term break. 

Our new topic is 'GROWING'

This week we have learned about how humans grow from babies, to toddlers, into children, teenagers, adults and elderly people.  We have talked about what babies can and can't do and compared this with what they can do now. 

We also introduced the idea that everybody starts life as a baby. Some children were unsure whether the teachers had ever been babies and were certain that their grandparents had never been a baby. If you have a family photo album or photos of family members when they were younger now would be a great time to dig them out and show your children. 

A massive thank you to everyone for you support with the Scoot a thon. All the children took part and despite the change in the weather tried their hardest. I'll let you know the sum raised when all the money has been collected in. Thank you. 

How to help at home

Please send back the coloured piece of paper given out on Friday with the photos of your child as a new born and a recent photo. There is an example page stuck up by the nursery door if you are unsure of where to put the photos. Image result for image paper folded in half Put a baby photo on the top/front 

Put a recent photo inside. 

The idea is we can try to guess who the baby photo is of and then lift the flap and see who it is underneath.  If they could be back by next Friday that would be great. Any questions please ask. 

Dates for your diary

6th March  Parent's evening 3.30 - 8.00

7th March NURSERY CLOSED ALL DAY to allow Parent teacher consultations

8th March World Book day celebration. Children to come to school dressed in their pyjamas. Please NO onesies that do up at the back or anything that makes it hard for the children to use the toilet independently. Thank you 







Week beginning 


The Gingerbread Man


The children are much more confident with the terms 'character' and 'setting' which is great. Thank you for all your support with this at home too. The children have enjoyed joining in with the repeated refrains and sequencing the story line. Many have relished the not so happy ending as well as comparing and contrasting the story with The Runaway Chapati and the Ninjabread Man. We talked about the similarities and the differences and which story they liked best and why. 

The children have acted out 5 currant buns and played 'Baker shop'. We modelled using full sentences to ask for what they wanted and did some simple maths problem solving to work out how many pennies we needed to pay for all the items. We took the opportunity to reinforce our maths language of less, more, fewer as the buns in the shop reduced in quantity and the pennies built up.  We have also looked at solving number problems based around the Gingerbread Man's buttons. If he has red and yellow buttons in his wardrobe and chooses a different selection of buttons each day how could he arrange his buttons ie all red, all yellow, one red and two yellow etc. We established that he always had to have 3 and that 2 yellow and 1 red is still 3 in total. 

The children were all keen to come and find out why the Gingerbread Man didn't want to swim or wade across the river. We dunked some Gingerbread men biscuits into water and looked carefully at what happened. The children all noticed changes and many were able to vocalise what they could see happening.  We supported the children to tell us what had changed and supported them to look at the colour of the biscuit and the texture. We used words such as squishy, soggy, crumbled, broken, gone, sink, dark brown. Lots of the children said the biscuit had melted. We talked about melting needing heat to cause a change and introduced the word dissolving


How to help at home

You could keep the momentum going with the children's learning about rhyme. We dont want them to forget the great learning from last term. Sing the "Run, run as fast you can, you cant catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man" refrain. Point out the rhyming words or ask your child to identify them. Can they think of any other words that rhyme with Man. 

The Gingerbread man runs away, we've been moving in a variety of ways at school - hopping and skipping are still the trickiest and jumping with 2 feet together sometimes too. You could use this song as a stimulus to practice some hopping, skipping, jumping and even standing on 1 leg. 


You could get lots of good maths language from this song too. Pause the song and ask whether there are more or less/fewer Gingerbread men. (You could also point out the rhyming words) Zero is an important concept in maths, the end of this song can be used to help children see nothing as zero. 

Make some Gingerbread men biscuits Talk about how the dough changes from soft and malleable to crunchy and hard (or buy some biscuits to decorate). Use coloured smarties to decorate them. Can your child count out three buttons? Can they use 2 colours and put them in a different pattern on each gingerbread man? 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAzkw5Qd7IE enjoy this short Gingerbread man song together


Keep sending in any magic moments. Thanks to those that did this week. If you do any of the suggested activities take a photo and send it in to us -we'd love to see and share the learning in class. 


Dates for your diary

Friday  15th February Miss Stewart's last day with us. 

Monday 18th - 22nd February Half Term- Nursery Closed

Monday 25th February Nursery closed INSET

6th March  Parent's evening 

7th March NURSERY CLOSED ALL DAY to allow Parent teacher consultations

8th March World Book day celebration. Children to come to school dressed in their pyjamas. Please NO onesies that do up at the back or anything that makes it hard for the children to use the toilet independently. Thank you 





Week beginning  28.1.19

Goldilocks and the Three Bears


This week the children have cooked porridge and tasted it. They tried adding different ingredients to find out if they preferred  it sweet, salty or plain. I hope the children enjoyed the flapjack we made on Friday. We talked about what we could see and what was happening/changing. We looked at the cold, hard, solid butter and the runny liquid melted butter. We asked more 'how' and 'why' questions to reinforce this skill. Why is the butter runny? How could we melt the butter? We also described the textures of various ingredients - the syrup was sticky, icky and we talked about the butter feeling greasy and the oats were dry. 

The children listened out for the 'b' sounds in words and sorted items depending on their initial sound. 

We have continued to reinforce our learning of the language of size, using small, medium, large, bigger, biggest, smaller, smallest etc. 

We read a book called 'A chair for Baby Bear' and predicted who the parcel might be from and why Goldilocks might be sending a chair to Baby Bear. The children were then given the opportunity to express their personal preferences and say which chair they would choose. We highlighted the fact that it's OK for people to like different things, no one is right or wrong. 

We have made paper aeroplanes and kites and explored how things fly as part of the whole school STEM week. 


How to help at home

It would be great to have any Magic Moment sheets to share with the class. Don't forget to fill one in when your child shows you some new learning of any kind or impresses you in some way. 

We are also spending more time than we'd like doing up shoe laces  at the moment. If your child has any velcro or buckle shoes they could wear to Nursery instead of laces, that would be appreciated. Thank you. 

Make porridge for breakfast. Can your child remember how they did it? What did they do first? After that? Describe and talk about the texture and how it changes when it is cooked. Add some different fruit as toppings and talk about which they like best. Whilst stirring or waiting for the porridge to cook you could sing this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsYKTTNNusI

Do some cooking together - cakes, biscuits, pasta, rice, potatoes, vegetables. Talk about what happens when it gets cooked. Is the carrot still hard and crunchy? Is anything still the same? Is it still the same colour? 

Listen and look out for words that start with 'b' - words that have a vowel after the 'b' are easiest to identify. Words that start with br______ or bl______ are tricky to identify initially

You could say a list of 'b' words and then make a mistake - can your child tell you when you've gone wrong? Eg  ball, bat, biscuit, bench, boy, orange

Join in with this song about Goldilocks (it's quite fast!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-Q8L85VPQs

Dates for your diary

Thursday 31st  2- 3pm Coffee afternoon with Mrs Young (new headteacher)

Monday 18th - 22nd February Half Term- Nursery Closed

Monday 25th February Nursery closed INSET

6th March  Parent's evening

7th March Parent's evening





Week beginning 21.1.19

Three Billy Goats Gruff


We have been reading and joining in with another traditional tale. CLick here for a link if you don't know the story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OO-5KgcfHmI

This week in maths the children have been using the language of size. We recapped our previous learning on small, medium and big to describe the goats and then extended this to use the comparative language of big, bigger, biggest, long, longer, longest etc. We will continue to work on this next week. 

We started encouraging the children to listen to the first sound in words and the children helped me sort objects into the pot that started with the 'p' sound. The children are used to doing rhyme activities with us where they have to listen to the end of a word, so this was a different skill to develop. 

We decided to help the goats by planting some sweet green grass seeds so they wont have to cross the Troll's bridge for something to eat. We will keep a close eye on the seeds to see what is happening over the next few days and weeks. 

On Friday Alan brought a variety of birds to visit. This included owls, a falcon, an eagle and a Kookaburra that laughed for us. The children listened really well and asked lots of quetsions about the birds. We learned that if an owl has black eyes it is nocturnal. If it has yellow eyes it hunts during day light hours. The children got to see how an owl can turn its head and learned that it needs to do this because, unlike humans, owls can' t move their eyes. 


How to help at home

Model using the language of size (small, medium, larger, bigger, biggest, taller, tallest etc) You could ask children "Would you like the small apple or medium sized apple? Which plate is the biggest? 

Look for information about birds of prey on the internet, or find a book in the library. You could find out more about where Kookaburra's come from.

Listen out for words that start with 'p'. 

Make sure you don't add an 'uh' sound at the end (often called a shwar). It makes it harder to blend the sounds together to create a whole word if you do this. Make each sound as short as possible. 

Puh, i, guh - doesnt sound much like pig (it makes per, i, ger,) when you blend the sounds together to make a word. This website shows you how to say each sound. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ksblMiliA8

We also look at the shape our mouth makes in school. This is sometimes more obvious to the children than the sound to begin with. Talk about how your lips start together when you say 'p'. Contrast it with words that start with an open mouth shape such as apple, orange, goat, 

B and p are quite similar sounds, m also has the lips together so these will be harder for your child to distinguish. 

Dates for your diary

Thursday 31st  2- 3pm Coffee afternoon with Mrs Young (new headteacher)

Monday 18th - 22nd February Half Term- Nursery Closed

Monday 25th February Nursery closed INSET

6th March  Parent's evening

7th March Parent's evening




Week beginning 14.1.19

Traditional Tales - Theme for the term

The Three Little Pigs

We would like to welcome Mrs Finan to the Nursery team. She will be working Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday alongside Mrs Morss. 

A warm welcome also goes to Miss Stewart a first year BA teaching student who will be with us until half term and to all the new children and their families joining us this term. 

This week the children have been getting to know Mrs Finan and their new friends and have started our new topic on Traditional Tales.  The children have listened to several retellings of the Three Little Pigs story. Our objectives have included becoming familiar with the term 'character' and joining in with the repeated refrains (I'll huff and I'll puff....... Little pigs, little pigs let me come in ..... etc) The children have really enjoyed building a brick house using the tools and large construction bricks in the garden but the highlight of the game was definitely when I slid down the chimney and burnt my tail! "Again, again" they cried!

In Knowledge and Understanding of the world we have been looking closely at some clips of real pigs. The children have been introduced to the terms 'snout', 'trotters', 'bristles', 'sow', 'boar' and piglet.

How to help at home

Help your children to learn Mrs Finan's name (pronounced Fi  (to rhyme with High) nan (to rhyme with can).

Use the word 'characters' when reading any stories to your children. Tell them which characters are in the story before you start reading (in this story the main characters are a bear and a boy, for example). During the story you could mention how the character is being kind, or isnt this character funny. At the end of the story or next time you read the book ask your child who are the characters in the story. Extend this next time or when they are confident by asking them to tell you something about the characters.

Dates for your diary

Wednesday 16th January 2- 3pm Coffee afternoon with Mrs Young (new headteacher) 

Friday 25th January  2- 3pm Coffee afternoon with Mrs Young (new headteacher)

Thursday 31st  2- 3pm Coffee afternoon with Mrs Young (new headteacher)

Monday 18th - 22nd February Half Term- Nursery Closed

Monday 25th February Nursery closed INSET







Week beginning 10.12.18



Well done to all the children for taking part in Born in a Barn and singing so beautifully. Thanks also to all the parents for the costumes. We hope you enjoyed it.  We have been busy with lots of Christmas art and craft activities.  We have been using the language of size to order buttons to make Snowmen gift tags as well as talking about 2D shapes.

We have read several rhyming books about winter and have been reinforcing the concept of each number being 1 more than the previous one when we are counting.

We ask parents to make donations of party food. Please remember to sign up with your class rep (morning nursery) and on the sign up sheet outside the nursery (afternoon nursery). Don't forget to bring it in on Thursday. Many thanks


How to help at home

The children were pretty confident identifying 'big' and 'small'  buttons and using the words - "big, large, small, little" but middle sized or medium  was a harder concept and none of the children used this language. Please practice talking about sizes and using middle sized or medium to describe the objects. You can also encourage them to use the comparative language - "bigger, biggest, smaller, smallest".  You could try this when choosing a Christmas tree or wrapping up presents, or different sized baubles to go on the tree or eating blueberries. Model the language whenever you can. Can they line their toys cars or dolls etc up in order of size. Starting with 3 toys is a good idea. 

Include the children with some simple present wrapping. They can estimate whether the paper is big enough, practice their scissor skills (or do this with any left over odds and ends of wrapping paper) by cutting along the line on the back of the wrapping paper (or you could draw a line for them). Using sticky tape also takes a bit of practice to understand that it needs to cover both parts of the wrapping paper. 

Encourage your children to write their name or do a drawing in Christmas cards for family and friends. Model writing "Dear.........., Merry Christmas, love from .........." for example. 




 Apologies for the accents. You could read the text to your child and just turn the sound off if you prefer. 


Dates for your diary

20th December Nursery Christmas parties. Please bring in any food donations when you drop your child off. 

Normal nursery times apply for both morning and afternoon children. Party clothes can be worn but please no long dresses, belts, buckles, onezies that do up at the back or make it difficult to use the toilet

21st December Nursery Closed all day. 

7th January Nursery closed staff INSET day

 8th January Nursery closed all day to existing children. (We have some new children starting and they will be coming in for their stay and play session)  

9th January Term starts All children in!





week beginning 26.11.18


Christmas and Arctic/Antarctic animals. 


We have been continuing to learn the songs for our production of Born in a Barn this week as well as continuing to work on hearing rhyming words. We watched clips of animals that live in cold snowy climates and found the white icy areas on a globe. We found out the polar bear babies are called cubs and they live in a den under the snow.  We watched baby penguin chicks take their first steps and learned that they are birds that can't fly but can swim. We also saw them slipping around on the ice and jumping out of the water and landing on their tummies. 

We read 1 little penguin and his friends and practised saying the number that is 1 more. We used lots of maths language such as 1 more, add on 1 more, next, after, plus one.  We also read and sang The twelve days of Christmas with the same maths focus. 

Each class has decorated a hoop to go in the school hall - look out for the 5 gold rings the Nursery children painted and glittered. 

How to help at home

The children are definitely making progress with their rhyming skills. Keep working at home on this - listen out for rhyming words in books, make up silly rhyming strings of words, ask your child if a pair of words rhyme or not. 

Practice counting on and back and point out that each time the number is getting 1 greater, larger, more. Use cars, blueberries, fingers etc to demonstrate this. If you have any counting books you could dig them out and look at the pictures to show that each time the number changes there is 1 more animal for instance. When your child is secure with this you can start asking them what it 1 more than 2?  1 more than 4? It is easiest to start off with concrete objects so they can count out 2 cars and then get 1 more and count again to find out there are 3.  (Remember that if they move each object as they count they are more likely to be accurate) 

You can find some of the 'Born in a barn' songs on you tube, If you want the show to be a surprise then don't click on the links but if your child would like to sing along at home then they can practice and learn some more of the words for our Christmas play. 




Dates for your diary 

11th December - Early years Christmas play for parents - Both morning and afternoon nursery children to come in at 8.45 wearing their costumes

12th December Early Years Christmas Play for parents - Both morning and afternoon children to come in at 8. 45 wearing their costumes

14th December Save the Children Christmas jumper day - children to wear a Christmas jumper and bring in a donation for charity.

20th December Nursery Christmas parties. Normal nursery times apply for both morning and afternoon children. Party clothes can be worn but please no long dresses, belts, buckkles, onezies that do up that the back or make it difficult to use the toilet

21st December Nursery Closed all day. 

7th January Nursery closed staff INSET day

 8th January Nursery closed all day to existing children. (We have some new children starting and they will be coming in for their stay and play session)  









Week beginning 19.11.18

Dally Ducks' birthday


This week was full of preparations for our class puppet's (Dally Duck) 4th birthday. The children made jelly to eat at the party on Friday and enjoyed playing pass the parcel, musical statues, parachute games and guessing 'what's in the box?' The party ended wit